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Claude’s Story


The Claude laboratories Paris are first and foremost a love story. Born in St Germain des Prés in 2011, our D-LAB team, which is known for offering cosmetic and organic products, has been cherished tenderly for offering the best, and only the best!

Why aphrodisiacs?
Thanks to high demand, we have created both natural and concentrated capsules, to take care of love just as we take care of our bodies. You’ve expressed your desire and thus we have created extremely targeted treatments for both men and women. In order to make you laugh and smile, we have added delicacies to our line. Today, you continue to demand new products, and it’s with great pleasure that we deliver.

Why Claude?
At the conception of Claude, our offices were located close to Rue du Sabot, in the 6th arrondissement of Paris. While looking for a concept for eternal love, everyday we met with Claude and Claude, a well-known couple living in this neighborhood for quite some time…possibly forever. Hand in hand, with their soft regards for each other, we were moved to crave a lifetime of love. Tenderly and fervidly, this couple inspired us to create, little by little, our universe.