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Who is Claude?


Launched in September 2012 after 18 months of research, Claude Laboratories created the first 100% organic, daily-fulfilling aphrodisiacs by studying erotic herbal remedies. This enterprise is regulated and certified by the Bureau Veritas organization, which requires quarterly audits of high standards. These controls are fundamental because they verify the 100% organic formulas and they validate the absence of Viagra derivatives in the formulas.

Dedicated to men and women, the aphrodisiacs are elaborated to maximize pleasure for each partner.  Whether taken as a boost or as a regular treatment, they can be used privately and offer a durable alternative to medications or surgery.

Claude Aphrodisiacs

*The Laboratories that make the difference

 100% Organic: The formulas are made entirely with pure, biological ingredients.  No pesticides or GMOs.
•  No side-effects
•  Natural sensation: The formulas allow natural display of your potential without altering your senses or pleasure.
•  Tested satisfaction: The formulas were tested and approved through a sample of French couples differing in profiles and ages.
•  100% French: The formulas are designed and produced in France.
•  No Viagra derivatives according to recent regulation.
•  Gluten-free